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Setting an examination date


Examinations can basically be taken on each working day with the following restrictions.


  • The documents for your doctorate, including the expert assessments, have to be open to inspection for 12 calendar days plus 2 working days (objection period) prior to your examination taking place. If one of the 12 calendar days falls outside the lecture time, then the consultation period will be extended to 18 days. Five working days before the consultation period begins you will have to hand in your documents to the deanery (particularly the expert assessments), so that your consultation can be prepared.
  • All examiners (incl. the chairwoman or chairman of the examination) must confirm their attendance for the examination date.
  • The consultation period cannot begin if the Dean's office is closed.

Date examples for your scheduling:

Date of your examination submission deadline for your documents
       26.02.2021    01.02.2021







Lecture schedule:

  • 26.10.2020 - 12.02.2021     WiSe 2020/21

Dates for the next doctoral awards ceremonies

  • Online-Ceremony: 12.02.2021 WiSe 2020/21
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