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MD/PhD Program

  • The MD / PhD program is only open to candidates who have completed an experimentally-oriented doctorate in medicine with summa cum laude or who have an equivalent degree from abroad.
  •     Written application of the candidates to the dean of the MNF. This must include proof of an excellent degree in medicine (see above), a written confirmation from the receiving work group ("doctoral supervisor"), a written confirmation from a supervisor from the MNF ("second reviewer").
  •     Candidates have to acquire 30 credit points as "preparatory studies" in a course at MNF in accordance with the requirements of the dean and pass the associated exams.
  •     If these conditions are met, the degree Dr.rer.nat. be acquired according to the rules of the MNF doctoral degree regulations.

Please arrange a consultation at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


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