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Registration of the doctoral project

The doctoral candidate must register his / her doctoral project in writing with the dean no later than three months after starting work on the dissertation. You do this by completing the 1st registration, where you upload your CV and supervision agreement.  After you have entered the data and uploaded the relevant documents, please submit the form. The required documents do not have to be in the doctoral office in the original.

Registration form for doctoral project

You will receive your admission by email as soon as we have processed your registration. With your admission, you then register at the SSC as a doctoral student. We will send you more information regarding the enrolment by e-mail. 

Please note that you have to be enrolled as a PhD student for the entire duration of your doctoral project!

Before submitting your dissertation, you have to fill out the 2nd registration for the opening of the doctoral procedure!
Mandatory reading:

  • Doctorate regulations
  • Principles for safeguarding good research practice at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

If you are aiming for an MD / PhD doctorate, we ask you to speak to the Dean's Office in person.



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