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Equal Opportunities Officer

The Faculty's Equal Opportunities Officers inform female students and researchers concerning qualifications, scholarships, mentoring, achieving a work-life balance, child care, as well as summer camps for children of staff members and students.

Equal Opportunity Officer

Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer
Building: 26.14
Floor/Room: 01.75
+49 211 81-13479

Coordinator Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Lioba Schlösser M.A.
Building: 25.43
Floor/Room: 02.035
+49 211 81-14797

Equal Opportunity Officer

Dr. rer. nat. Monir Tabatabai
Building: 26.33
Floor/Room: 00.34
+49 211 81-14288

Equal opportunity officer

Dipl.Chem. Simone Mönninghoff-Pützer
Building: 26.21
Floor/Room: U1.34
+49 211 81-14217

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