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Equal Opportunities Officer

The Faculty's Equal Opportunities Officers inform female students and researchers concerning qualifications, scholarships, mentoring, achieving a work-life balance, child care, as well as summer camps for children of staff members and students.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences may have up to six Equal Opportunity Officers. At the moment, some of them are vacant.

The Equal Opportunities Officers of the Faculty can be contected via the following e-mail address: gsb-math-nat@hhu.de.

Photo of Petra Bauer
Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer
Building: 26.14
Floor/Room: 01.75
+49 211 81-13479
Photo of Barbara Gioffreda
Dr. Barbara Gioffreda
Building: 26.23.
Floor/Room: 02.29
+49 211 81-13828
Photo of Aleksandra Zivkovic
Dr. Aleksandra Zivkovic
Building: 26.22.
Floor/Room: 01.22
+49 211 81-15266

Koordination Gleichstellung und Diversity

Photo of Lioba Schlösser
Dr. Lioba Schlösser
Building: 25.43
Floor/Room: 02.035
+49 211 81-14797

Equality and diversity

Diversity as challenge and opportunity

Diversity stands for multiplicity, dissimilarity and variousness in relation to the socio-cultural and personal backgrounds of all members of society. This includes dimensions such as age, religion, ethnic and social origin, marital status, worldview, educational background, physical and mental abilities, gender identity and sexual orientation, and gender role and position within society. These physical, mental as well as socio-cultural characteristics are attributed to all persons either from birth or are constituted in the course of life through individual inquiry and experience. Some of them may change at the request of the person or depending on the situation in life, others are unchangeable. All contribute to an individual and unique personality and identity.

The diversity of perspectives and opinions associated with these multiple identities are seen at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences as an opportunity to create the most cosmopolitan, contemporary, and inclusive working, research, teaching, and learning environment possible. This concerns the composition of decision-making committees, the organization of seminars, conferences and events, public relations and external representation, the recruitment of potential candidates, as well as the everyday work, learning and teaching of all members of the university. In order to promote this form of community across faculties and institutions, HHU offers numerous relevant service points.

In addition, the pages of the HHU Diversity Portal provide handouts and information material on the topics of gender-equitable language and diversity-sensitive teaching.

Family friendly university

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