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Currently the examinations will again take place in presence. For exams, that are currently planned (Mailing of the announcement as of 21 March 2022) the public is allowed to participate in the examinations again.


The following may be selected as examiners: All professors in the Faculty and all habilitated members of the Faculty, all junior professors as well as heads of externally funded junior research groups.


The oral examination lasts at least one hour and consists in accordance with § 9 (3) of the following two parts:

  • 30 minutes free presentation on your dissertation (at most)
  • 30 minutes of questions on this presentation (at least)

The public is again allowed at the doctoral examinations. For the second part of the examination, the questioning, the public may be excluded.

Following the oral examination, the chairman of the examination panel will issue you with a certificate of the overall grade for your examination.

Presentation options

  • When taking your doctoral examination in a lecture theatre or seminar room, you are personally responsible for all technical equipment (projector, cables, laser pointer, computer etc.).
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