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Dean's Office

Since December 2019 the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is headed by dean Prof. Dr. Peter Kleinebudde, vice dean Prof. Dr. Martin Heil and dean of studies Prof. Dr. Axel Görlitz.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c Peter Kleinebudde
+49 211 81-12193

Vice Dean

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Heil
+49 211 81-12142

Dean of studies

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Axel Görlitz
+49 211 81-15190


PD. Dr. Katrin Henze

Gebäude 25.32

Etage/Raum 00/30

Tel. +49 211-81-11378


Faculty Manager

Personal Assistant to the Dean


Daniela Schleiffer

Gebäude 25.32

Etage/Raum 00/30

Tel. +49 211-81-12193


Sabine Freese

Gebäude 25.32

Etage/Raum 00/30

Tel. +49 211-81-12598

Human Resources



Silke Krispin

Gebäude 25.32

Etage/Raum 00/30

Tel. +49 211-81-15205

Data Protection Coordinator


Athina von Essen

Gebäude 25.32

Etage/Raum 00/36

Tel. +49 211-81-115092

Dortoral Procedures


Silke Krispin


Gebäude 25.32

Etage/Raum 00/30

Tel. +49 211-81-15092

Doctoral Procedures
Dr. Diana Apoussidou

Building 26.31

Level/Room U1/43

Tel. +49 211-81-15884

Quality- and Campusmanagement






Dr. Manfred Speldrich

Building 26.31

Level/Room U1/45

Tel. +49 211-81-11756


Digitalization of Teaching Methods

Digital Teaching Support

Students entry phase

Preparatory Classes



Dr. Susanne Wilhelm

Building 26.31

Level/Room U1/55

Tel. +49 211-81-15685

Room Rerservations

Accreditation of Study Programs

Tutorien MNF (except Biology)

Training of Student Tutors

Graduation Ceremony

Dr. Britta Zieser

Building 26.31

Level/Room U1/47

Tel. +49 211-81-13861


Supporting coordinator and counsellor of the bachelor study programme "Natural Sciences"

Campaigning and PR


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