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The doctoral regulations

The Doctorate Regulations form the basis for all doctoral procedures.

Please observe the instructions in the appendix to the Doctorate Regulations. This contains a template for the title page and the second page of the dissertation.


To make life a little easier for you, we have collected a number of important and useful forms for you to download.

Forms for doctoral candidates


  • Supervision Agreement (without iGRAD-membership)
  • Progress Report (without iGRAD-membership)
  • Supervision Agreement and Progress Report for (future) iGRAD-member
  • Reviewer sheet
    • Information on the reviewers and the subject assignment (§ 3 (1) / (3) of the Doctorate Regulations)
    • Please have your supervisor sign this completed sheet and bring it with you when you hand in your dissertation to the Dean's office (one of the most important forms).
  • Revision sheet
    • (§12 (1) of the Doctorate Regulations)
    • Please present these to your expert reviewers. The reviewers of your dissertation are then to send the revision sheet back to the Dean's office.
  • Certificate of receipt of obligatory copies
    • (§12 (3) of the Doctorate Regulations)
    • After your oral examination, please hand this certificate together with the obligatory copies over to your reviewers. Please return the completed certificate to the Dean's office.

You will receive the following forms when you submit your documents to the Dean's office. However, if you misplace a form, you can download a replacement copy here:

If your first supervisor or mentor is not a member of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Interfaculty doctorates

If you are doing an interfaculty doctorate, please provide a declaration by your supervisor in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty which states that he or she is prepared to act as co-supervisor for your work. Please use the following template:

Students with qualifications from foreign universities, polytechnics or an insufficient qualification from the MNF

Students with foreign university or polytechnic qualifications or an insufficient qualification from the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty should fill out the form for recognition of prior academic study. Please note the information in the instructions.

As a doctoral researcher you may register officially as a doctoral researcher at the Student Secretariat and profit from several benefits (especially the student ticket).

Link to the registration forms.

If your dissertation is related to a patent application

Forms for reviewers

Confirmation of sufficient English skills
Supervision Agreement
Expert review & revision sheet
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