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Tasks of the Equal Opportunity Commissioner

In principle, the equal opportunity officers of the faculty have to take care of the interests of women, who are members or affiliates of the university. They work towards inclusion of equality-relevant aspects of all genders in the fulfillment of the university's tasks, especially in scientific, administrative and technical work, in development planning and in the performance-oriented allocation of funds.

For this purpose, they can participate in the meetings of the Senate and Dean's Office, the departmental councils, the appointment committees and other bodies with the right to propose motions and speak. Equal opportunity officers of the department are members of the appointment committees with an advisory voice.

The tasks, rights and duties of the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officers are laid down in the Basic Regulations of Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. In addition, the basic tasks, rights and duties of the Equal Opportunity Officers at universities are defined in the Higher Education Act (HG) as well as in the State Equal Opportunity Act (LGG).

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