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Doctoral Research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

This section contains extensive information for doctoral candidates as well as all the forms you will need. Please also refer to the Heinrich Heine University's Doctoral research website.

Important Note:

Due to the corona virus situation we only can offer consultation hours for urgent matters on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact us by e-mail in order to arrange an appointment.

Please send documents for current procedures only by e-mail (e.g. appointment sheet, examiners list, 'Sperrvermerk').

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Doctoral exams under corona conditions

From January 2021 until further notice, doctoral examinations at the MNF can only be carried out as online exams via Webex. The exams take place in camera. Doctoral appointments must be coordinated with the doctoral office beforehand.

Getting started

Admisson / recognition of prior academic studies

Admission to the doctoral procedure is granted to anyone who has completed a relevant university course with a standard period of study of at least eight semesters, for which a degree other than "Bachelor" is awarded.

Further information about relevant qualifications and any necessary recognition procedures can be found here:




According to § 2 (7) of the doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, graduates of a bachelor's degree without a master's degree can be admitted to a doctorate if the following requirements are met:

MD/PhD Program

After graduation, excellent medical students have the opportunity to obtain the degree of Dr. rer. nat. 

Binational doctorate

If you are planning a binational doctorate, for example as part of a "Cotutelle de Thèse" procedure, please make an appointment for a consultation at the doctoral office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Registration of the doctoral project / 1. electronic registration

The doctoral candidate must register his / her doctoral project in writing with the dean no later than three months after starting work on the dissertation. After you have entered the data and uploaded the relevant documents, please submit the form. The required documents do not have to be in the doctoral office in the original.
You will receive your admission by email as soon as we have processed your registration.

The Doctorate Process

Opening the doctorate process / 2. electronic registration and submission of the thesis

Before opening your doctoral procedure in person at the Dean's Office, electronic registration is mandatory. You should only register when your dissertation has been completed, shortly before you hand in all of the documents to the Dean's Office.


Opinions on thesis and examination date

How to arrange your examination date.

Defending your thesis / examination committee

Information on the selection of examiners and the course of the examination.

Publishing your thesis

Printing permission and electronic publication.


Doctoral certificate

How to get your doctoral certificate.


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