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11.07.2017 12:34

New Professorship for Synthetic Membrane Systems within CRC 1208: A Warm Welcome to Alexej Kedrov!

On Friday, July 7 2017, Dr. Alexej Kedrov was appointed to the new professorship „Synthetic Membrane Systems“ at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The professorship (W1 tenure track W2) is embedded in the Collaborative Research Centre 1208 „Identity and Dynamics of Membrane Systems – From Molecules to Cellular Functions“. Professor Lutz Schmitt, speaker of the CRC 1208, is convinced that the new techniques and systems of Professor Kedrov will strengthen the CRC 1208.

Prior to joining Heinrich Heine University, Alexej Kedrov was project leader at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and senior researcher at the University of Groningen. He completed his doctoral thesis „Observing molecular interactions that determine stability, folding, and functional states of single Na+/H+ antiporters” in 2006 at the Technical University of Dresden & International Max Planck Research School.

His research interest and expertise focus on effects of macromolecular crowding on membrane-associated processes. He is aiming to investigate molecular recognition, assembly, and folding processes in de novo designed crowded membranes by combining biophysical, biochemical, and synthetic biology approaches.

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