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11.10.2017 13:14

Jülich Career Day for Docs and Postdocs

Das Forschungszentrum Jülich veranstaltet am 17. November 2017 seinen Jülich Career Day, der sich an interessierte Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden und Postdocs richtet.

Das Forschungszentrum Jülich schreibt:

"We are pleased to announce the Jülich Career Day 2017 on 17 November. Jülich Career Days are an annual event providing you with information on career development and various career paths for scientists.

The Jülich Career Day 2017 highlights different career paths in academia, science management, industry or entrepreneurship and informs about funding opportunities for young scientists. It addresses all docs and postdocs. 

After completing your doctorate or a postdoctoral  research stay you are facing the challenge to find the right route into your professional  career. There are many different career opportunities but there are also uncertainties. Finding your path requires you to know the options, be informed and expand your network. 

On 17 November we have invited professionals from different fields, from academia, from science management and from industry including founders who talk about their own experience.  Some of them have earned their doctorate at the Forschungszentrum or worked there as scientists during their professional career. We invite you to talk to our guests, e.g. participate in the panel discussions or meet the speakers informally afterwards and get advice on how to set career targets for yourselves and decide how you will achieve them. You have also the possibility to join the round tables and find out about individual funding possibilities. Join the Get-Together – of course with snacks and drinks – and start or expand your network.

Please have a look at the interesting programme. Your registration until 7 November  is possible via undefinedthis link.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Jülich."

Das Programm zum Jülich Career Day finden Sie undefinedhier.

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