Admission conditions

Admission without recognition of prior academic study

Students with a relevant university qualification with a standard period of study of at least eight semesters and leading to a degree other than "Bachelor" may be admitted to the course. Relevant qualifications include diplomas from scientific universities in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as Masters degrees from universities in the Federal Republic of Germany in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or Psychology. Relevant qualifications also include the second stage of the state pharmaceutical exam or the first state exam for teachers in grammar schools or secondary education level II, if the thesis for the teaching exam has been written in one of the above-mentioned subjects.

Admission with recognition of prior academic study

Students who, during the course of their studies, have occupied themselves in a suitable manner with the doctoral subject may also be admitted, even when this has been in an academic course than those listed above or in another country. For example students with foreign university or polytechnic qualifications or an insufficient qualification (e.g. Bachelor without Fast-Track) from the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty. There is an official process ("Anerkennung") to decide whether this condition has been fulfilled.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies if you need an admission with recognition of prior academic study. The following links provide a sample letter for the supervisor, an informal confirmation of sufficient English skills and a summary of instructions regarding this process.


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